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and get you the forecast. a chilly morning. temperatures cooled down in the 40s. we're looking at temperatures this afternoon going to the mid, even upper 70s. winds shifting out of the southeast. only about 5 miles an hour. i know it was a bit brisk early, but what beautiful evening we're going to have, too. you have plans, maybe you're going out to the ballpark. maybe the nationals can clinch the wild card berth. 71 for the first pitch. latter innings will be falling into the upper 60s. i think a light jacket or sweat shirt is warranted. lows got down to 42 in gaithersburg. 41 cumberland. there was a touch of fog in a couple of spots like culpeper, warrenton, frederick. we stayed in the 60s. i think there will be a little more fog tonight with a little more moisture around. temperatures as of noon, still in the mid and upper 60s here in the shenandoah valley out to manassas. it's 70 in baltimore. 71 in andrews. here in d.c. it is a gorgeous afternoon. look at the sky conditions. got these high thin clouds on our michael & son weather camera. we're looking into tysons corner r
quarter picks on monday night, there's been a lot of speculation about whether the i.n.t.s had anything to do with injury or poor decision making. doctor, in your opinion, where is peyton manning in terms of his recovery? >> well, look, it takes nerve injuries about a year and a half to two years to fully recover. his overall measurable arm strength and arm velocity may be close to 100%, but the small nerve fibers that control the fine tune neuromuscular coordination has to heal as well. the computer has to heal for their harm to heal perfectly again. we see this recovery happen quicker in the elite athlete. so look out. with every throw he's rebooting and he should improve as the season progresses. boomer: i saw a few of those balls float on peyton manning, but after that third interception, he was 20-29 for 207 yards and a t.d. and played a great football game. but i do believe and you'll see it today in houston. they're going to sit on these intermediate routes until peyton manning starts throwing the ball down the field and is effective. dan: he's going to prove that. peyton manning
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2

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